Greece - Volos

The city of Volos
Situated at the foot of Pilion at the top of Pagasitikos Bay, it is the district's capital, the only port in Thessaly and with 115,000 residents, one of biggest and most charming cities of Greece.
It has mainly flourished since 1881. The Port and the Railway gave Volos increased economic power, bringing construction and urban planning, with monuments, mansions and neoclassical buildings. The industrial development of the area and its culture, a mixture of Asia Minor culture and spiritual tradition, are the city's typical features. Volos took a new shape after the earthquakes of 1955, with excellent urban planning, spacious streets and beautiful parks. In 2004 it hosted the football matches of the Athens Olympic Games, while in 2013 it will co-organise the Mediterranean Games with the neighbouring city of Larissa. It is located at a distance of 319 km N of Athens and 219 km S of Thessaloniki. 

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1, Plastira Str. 382 22, Volos

Xenia Volou, the most recent member of Domotel group of luxurious hotels, began its re-operation in June 2006. After the completion of works, the absolute reconstruction and the essential upgrade of the services have transformed it into a modern city and

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