Greece - Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a city with individual features, an exceptional character and a charming ambiance. It sits at the inlet of Thermaikos Gulf, and is the second biggest Urban Centre in the country (with more than 1 million residents), and the industrial, commercial, cultural and administrative centre of Northern Greece. It was founded in 316/315 BC by Kassandros, at the location of the older city of Thermi. It was named after the stepsister of Alexander the Great, Thessaloniki, who was wife of Kassandros. The city developed according to the Hippodamian urban planning system. Construction of the Egnatia route in 130 BC ensured access to all the surrounding regions. In the 4th century AD, the city became the seat of Galerius Caesar, while in the 5th century AD the seat of the Governor An. Illyricus. In the 6th and 7th centuries AD it was attacked by the Avars and the Slav tribes from the mainland. In the 8th and 9th centuries AD, the Byzantine Empire became interested in the city. Agia Sophia was renovated and embellished with mosaics, and numerous monasteries were developed in Chortiatis and Vassikon Valley of the surrounding region. As a result, the city is currently a unique outdoor "museum" of Byzantine Monuments and artwork. In the 10th and 11th centuries Bulgarian raids continued, while in the 12th century the city developed culturally. In 1423 the city surrendered to the Venetians, while in the 15th century, Jews expelled from different European countries, settled in Thessaloniki. The latter contributed in the city's development during the following century. In the 18th century the image of the city changed, when the Christian Macedonians turned towards trade and manufacturing, paving the way for the urbanisation of the city.

In 1917, Thessaloniki was destroyed by an extensive fire and was rebuilt based on the needs of that period. Today, it is a multi-faceted city: its centre is contemporary and modern, with big hotel facilities, expensive shops, chic restaurants, coffee-shops, bars and an intense rhythm of life. Vardaris, however, presents a totally different picture with the old buildings, the folk stores and the night clubs. The areas of Toumba and Kalamaria, former refugee neighborhoods, preserve some elements of the Inter war years. The western side of the city is comprised of densely populated districts, such as Neapoli, Stavroupoi, Evosmos and Neo Kordelio. Thessaloniki was and still is a great cultural centre with the Aristotle University, theatres, art halls, the local Press, the educational associations, Cinema Club etc. Its cultural evolution is linked to local tradition, since Thessaloniki has been home for many foreign peoples (Jew, Turkish, Armenian, Serb communities) exercising their activities and developing within the city. Since 1988 the Palaeo-Christian and Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki are listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Monuments It is located at a distance of 520km N of Athens.

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18, Monastiriou str., P.C. 54629, Thessaloniki, Greece

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The hotel is located very near the most significant sights and monuments of Thessaloniki, just 300m from the White Tower and 800m from the Archaeological and Byzantine Museum, 1 km from the railway station, 15 km from the "Makedonia" international

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48, 26th October Street Thessaloniki

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