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Mediterranean Holidays & Tours Pty Ltd can book ferries throughout Greece and the Greek islands.

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Such services in and around Greece and the Greek Islands are notoriously difficult to book, hard to find reliable information about and more often than not are adversely affected by inherent problems caused by bad weather, shifting timetables, strikes, break downs & cancelations.

Whilst quite obviously we cannot do anything about such problems, we have made it our task to try and make life a little easier for our clients by doing our very best to keep them abreast, informed, updated, and to be here as their extension of knowledge and assistance for all things ferry in Greece.

Associating ferry tickets with land content

Ferry tickets we book are provided upon arrival in Greece. When booking ferry tickets for pickup in Greece we request some land content to be associated with the booking of these ferry tickets (i.e. Transfer, Accommodation, Tours etc) because;

We issue the tickets at the absolute latest possible moment (date) from our office in Greece to avoid problems which can arise between the booking and travel date due to schedule changes, weather conditions, strikes etc.

By booking these with transfers, accommodation (or both) we physically have a way of delivering the tickets to clients on their arrival - whether it be in Athens, or on an Island. The client simply hands our transfer driver, Athens hotel representative or Island agent a copy of their Mediterranean Holidays & Tours ferry voucher, and they will receive all of their ferry tickets in return.

As the tickets will be provided to clients by our local agent, we are able to provide our agent as a local emergency contact, available to help if a client/s incur any problems caused due to bad weather, shifting timetables, strikes, break downs, cancelations or otherwise.

Our agent can also advise clients immediately upon arrival of any changes that may have occurred last minute, thus avoiding clients getting to a port only to find the ferry isn't running. 

All of the above affords both agents and clients alike the security of knowing they have someone local, English speaking, on hand and able to help - immediately!!! ........thus avoiding (as best as humanly possible) the constant and inherent problems associated with Italian, Greek and Greek Island ferrying!!

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